Monday, February 13, 2012

Home Selling Tip: Exotic Pets Need Cages

A few years ago I had the chance to help a family from Afghanistan find a new home. I couldn't leave their home without them insisting I drink a GIANT mango juice. I think I gained 5 pounds but it was great learning about some of the customs of Afghanistan.

One of the cultural differences between the United States and Afghanistan is that they don't have pets. Because of this they are understandably nervous around dogs and even cats. Many times we would go into a home with a dog or a cat and I would have to stand in between my clients the family pet. We laughed about it and I teased them about being afraid of a little cat.

My teasing came back to haunt me when we looked at a home where the homeowners happened to be home. I asked if it was okay for us to show ourselves through the house and the homeowner said sure - no warnings of any potential hazards, just a "sure".

We went down the hall and got to a closed bedroom door. I opened the door, we walked in, and a GIANT ferret came running at us (yes, I know ferrets aren't really giant, but this one was). I screamed, turned around, (heroically) pushed my client out of the room and we both ran. As I ran past the homeowner I yelled out, "There is a ferret loose in that room!", she just looked at me and demanded, "Did you shut the door so he stays in his room?"

It is the one time I completely ignored a homeowners request and just left. Unfortunately, the experience did nothing to convince my clients that pets are a good idea and they certainly weren't sticking around to see if they liked the house.

House selling hint of the day: all exotic pets should be in cages before showings.

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