Monday, December 5, 2011

The Naked Homeowner

There are a lot of adventures when a big part of your job is taking people on tours of other people's homes. This blog is named in honor of one of my most surprising home showings. I was showing townhouses to a darling couple in the Layton area and we had several appointments at one development that they particularly liked.

We arrived at our first showing and, despite expecting the home to be empty, rang the bell and knocked before using the key to open the door. When we walked in I yelled out a customary "hello!" just to be SURE nobody was home but as we headed up the stairs I thought I heard a shower. I hustled my clients out of the room and yelled out another "hello!". This time a woman answered, "hello?" No screaming or yelling or fear, just a friendly "hello". I apologized over the sound of the shower, told her that we had made an appointment with her agent and started to head out. She called out to give her "10 minutes" and she would be "out of our way."

My clients and I laughed about it as we went to see another property before heading back to the "shower lady" house to finish our tour. We went back 20 minutes later, knocked on the door again and unlocked it only after she said "Come on in!" I was a little surprised she was there but I was glad we had not made her feel uncomfortable. I was even more surprised as I walked up the stairs in front of my clients to see the homeowner standing in the entry to the master bedroom, soaking wet and wearing nothing but a VERY sheer t-shirt. She was not startled and started extolling the virtues of her large closet. She clearly wanted us to see more than her townhouse! It was an awkward moment as I tried to only look at her eyes while feigning interest in her closet. As quick as I could I thanked her, turned my clients around and ran out.

We found another townhouse in a different development, with equally as nice closets!


  1. Wow. . .pretty weird. Grace under fire, sounds like you didn't miss a beat, of course! ;-)

  2. ALthough we didn't have any "naked homeowner" experiences while touring homes with you, we always had a great time! Thanks for making what could be a stressful experience fun and exciting.

  3. Dana - you are so HYSTERICAL... Maybe you should get a second job as a WRITER???

  4. Haha, that woman was crazy! We love our closet just as much or more than we would have liked that one. But I'm really glad that we ended up in a neighborhood with more normal people than that one had! So glad you kept your cool.

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