Thursday, December 15, 2011

Winterize Your Sprinklers - Or Else

Did you know that any leak you experience while owning your home you are required to disclose when you sell your home?

When we bought our first house in Utah after moving from warmer California we were not well informed about what you needed to do to winterize your house. It was December and my husband, Mike, was off on a business trip when our basement ceiling sprang a leak- a BIG leak. It was raining, on the inside of our house. I called a plumber and had a conversation that went like this:

Plumber: "Did you drain your sprinkler system?"
Me: "We need to drain it?"
Plumber: "Ma'am, you do know that water freezes, right? And when it freezes it expands, and breaks stuff, like pipes."

Apparently my husband thought that because I grew up in Utah I would magically know what needed to be done. In my defense I grew up in a house without automatic sprinklers. I thought my husband would know what needed to be done, because he installed sprinklers in college. His defense was that he grew up in California, and was therefore geographically incapable of knowing how winterize. At any rate, we had a big leak, wet carpet, ruined sheetrock and a plumber with a little bit of an attitude.

A little time in the fall will save you a a lot of time and money in the winter. Click here  for a great link on winterizing your sprinklers.


  1. Hey thanks for the tip on the zoo lights. That sounds fun. I will dress warm. The story was also very funny. Thanks for making me laugh. You make looking for a home fun.

  2. This happened to our neighbor across the street. He moved in and a month later he had "Old Faithful" shooting up out of the yard and down the driveway. I had to knock on his door and let him know. Very important to turn the water off before it freezes! But if you have a good real estate agent (like Dana), she'll warn you about stuff like this...

  3. This is a funny blog, as well as being very informative. Dana, thanks to you I have a home I really love and a fabulous view! Suzan

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