Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Call TV Rights Back . . .

Brian Regan, who is my favorite comedian, will be in Salt Lake this week. His shows are all sold out but you can still find reasonable priced tickets on KSL. Brian Regan really is hilarious - especially if you grew up in a big family. I grew up with 6 siblings in the days when people only had one TV and you had to STAND UP to change the channel.

Every time we stood up we would say, "I call that chair back." and if (oh horrors) you had to leave the TV room to go to the bathroom we would say, "I call TV rights back." TV rights were an imaginary power that allowed you to pick which of the three channels everyone would watch. And we had to remember to do all this while we were tethered to the wall by the phone cord - how did we ever survive? Turns out while we were in Murray calling out our rights to everything in the house, Brian Regan and his siblings were in Miami doing the same thing.

I hope you go! And remember, I call being your realtor - I called it!!

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  1. Love Brian Regan! He is hilarious! I also liked the info on short sales. You are great! Suzan