Monday, January 16, 2012

Sundance - It's Like the Eiffel Tower But Different

Every year in January the guilt starts creeping in. Not about my New Year's resolutions. About Sundance. Living in Utah and never going to the Sundance Film Festival seems a little like living in Paris and never going to the Eiffel Tower. That's right - I have never been to Sundance.

It always seems a little overwhelming. What to see? How to get tickets? How to act when I run into Hugh Jackman? In an effort to help us all get up Parley's to the festival here is some information you need:

Sundance offers early ticket sales to locals. It is too late for this year but something to keep in mind for next year. For non-locals you can register online for the chance to pre-order tickets. Too late for that as well. The good news is that open ticket sales begin tomorrow, January 17. You can get all the details here, including the address of the box offices in Salt Lake, Provo and Ogden. Individual tickets are only $15! $15 to get rid of guilt? Seems worth it.

Now, what to see? Let's face it there is some weird stuff at Sundance. Everyone is really in the dark about the movies - we all want to be at the screening of the next Napolen Dynamite (Sundance, 2004) but every show we see is probably NOT going to turn into a cult classic. NOW Salt Lake has compiled a list of shows that people are buzzing about - if you can get tickets to them they are a good bet.

If you don't care about the shows you can always head up to Park City to star gaze (the Hollywood kind), just check out the parking instructions before you go. My girlfriend got her photo taken with John Krasinski a few years back and another friend ended up spending a few days driving The Edge from U2 around the festival a few years ago - who knows what could happen?

Finally, don't forget to download the Sundance app - yep there's an app for that.

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