Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Princess Bride - Still True Love

As a former Murray High Spartan I must admit I have special place in my heart for all things Murray. All bias aside, Murray really does have a fun little spot if you are looking for something to do beyond the regular movie.

Desert Star Playhouse is a dinner theater featuring parodies of popular tv shows, movies and plays. Currently they are performing: "CSI: Provo" and on March 29 they will begin performing "The Princess Bridesmaid".

The plays are hilarious (in a very campy way) and you can eat dinner at your table while you watch the play or just indulge in the free popcorn. Tickets are $9.95 (for kids) to $17.95 - check out the prices here.

We recently had my daughter's birthday party at Desert Star Playhouse (we saw "Legally Brunette") and it was a huge hit with her 11 year old friends.

Look for us there - it is INCONCEIVABLE that we would miss anything Princess Bride (and I do believe that means what I think it means).

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  1. Let's go! Either a Girls' Night or a Date Night!