Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bruges Waffles & Frites

Years ago my husband lived in Northern France and Belgium. For 20 years I have been hearing about the amazing, super special french fries they have in France. To be honest I doubted him. How much better could fries really be?

Last year we finally made it to France and guess what? The fries are super special. We bought this cone of fries at a park in Lille and they were delicious - really, really delicious.

That night we were walking down the streets of Lille and I discovered something that is even more delicious - a Liege waffle. It is a waffle but it has this special pearl sugar in it that makes it fabulous! I was obsessed with them our whole trip.

When we got home I missed those special fries and delicious waffles. I mean the Eiffel Tower is nice but I would rather have the food. Then we discoverd Bruges Waffes & Frites right here in good ole Salt Lake City.

I think everyone we know already knew about Bruges but none of them had shared their secret. This little shop, just across the street to the north of Pioneer Park makes DELICIOUS waffles and fries - they taste just like they do in France.

It is a tiny shop and there is virtually no seating inside but it is the perfect stop now that the weather is warming up (my kids are willing to brave the cold and eat outside if we will just take them to Bruges) it is the perfect snack after shopping at the Gateway or visiting the Farmers Market.

I like my waffle pure: vanilla, plain, no sauce or fruit. Definately get the fries and the andalouse sauce - SO GOOD!!


  1. I'll brave the cold and eat outside if I get to hang out with you!

  2. Sounds fantastic! I have never been there.