Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Color Festival at Krishna Temple

Guess where the largest celebration of Holi, the celebration of colors, in the Western Hemisphere is held. Did you guess? I bet you were wrong because the answer is Spanish Fork!! Check out the video here:

The Holi Festival of Colors is an annual event and it is happening this Saturday.Get info about the color throwing times, driving directions and more here. It is a good idea to buy your color bags in advance - I will be heading down to the Salt Lake Krishna temple to buy colors on Friday - let me know if you want me to pick some up for you!

If you have teenagers send them over to this event . . . they love it and the FB photos are priceless. This is my friend's cute daughter at the festival a few years ago -- you may want to bring towels for the ride home and be warned, my friend said her shower was very colorful for awhile!


  1. Whats the cost?

    1. $2, plus the cost of "colors" - there is food available to buy, all vegetarian.