Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Our Favorite Christmas Tradition

It is time for my annual list of the best, most over the top personal light displays in the state. So load up the kids, grab some hot chocolate and donuts (Dunford chocolate, chocolate donuts and pope in som Barenaked Ladies (the holiday album).

The more over the top the more my kids like the house. If they could buy every blow up holiday lawn ornament they would be all over it.

3310 West Royalwood Drive, Taylorsville
Every house on this street takes a few lines from the song "The Night Before Christmas" and goes all out decorating - it's great because there at least 12 over the top light displays in one place. As a realtor I always wonder if they tell new buyers they are committed to a huge light display if they buy a house on this street!

3875 West 4100, West Valley
This homowner has done a great job stringing lights from the front of his house, over the roof and down the backyard, super impressive.

4400 West 4100 South, West Valley (Winder Dairy)
Get there before 8:30 you can buy fresh scones and hot chocolate. I tried to convince my kids we could skip the donuts in anticipation of the scones but than was a non-starter. Donuts and scones this night.

 2458 West 7870 South, West Valley

1500 East 1735 South, Salt Lake City
This is "Christmas Street", I don't know how long this street has been decorating their houses and their darling street lights but I remember going there as a little girl. You will not find a blow up Snoopy or a pterodactyl with a Santa hat on this street (you will find one on Night Before Christmas Street). It is my kid's least favorite part of the tour but I still love it.

5631 Whispering Pines Circle (820 East), Murray   NOT HAPPENING THIS YEAR
Marty at Christmas Utah is the one who really started this all for our family and it is favorite but Marty moved recently and is not putting up lights this year. Get ready for December 2013- Marty promises he will be back at his new home.

8004 South Twelve Pines Drive, Sandy
My kids are suckers for blow ups and these folks have over 85 of them!

1786 East 9800 South, Sandy
I drive by this house as I go to and from the gym and they decorate to the hilt for every holiday but their Christmas display is the best!

Do you know of any great light displays we should add to our list? Please comment with the address. I would also love to know if anyone knows someone who has bought a home on one of these streets - were they surprised by their Christmas light duties?

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