Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Color of the Year

It is that time again, when Pantone tells us what color is going to be the hot trend of the year.(Remember the 2012 color of the year?) This is the color you can expect to see in fashion and in home decor. And drumroll, please.

The 2013 color of the year is:

That's right, Emerald. For those children of the 80s out there, please do not confuse this with the dark green of our early college years. Anyone else have dark green and burgundy as your wedding colors? I know I wasn't the only one. (I would now like to issue a public apology to my bridesmaids for those hats - sorry ladies).

The color of the year isn't meant to coat every wall in your home but keeping up on color trends in accessories is a good way to keep your house looking fresh and current - especially if you are thinking about selling. 

Clearly some people were ahead of the game and got on the Emerald trend well before 2013, though I think going this wild with the color of the year may hurt the Wizard's resale value:

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