Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Studio Apartment for Sale . . . Needs Heater

I saw this crazy multi-colored igloo on Pinterest and I thought to myself, that is a perfect project. Normally I see things on Pinterest and think, that looks delicious/fun/smart, and then do nothing. But for some reason this igloo drove me to act. It usually doesn't stay cold enough in the Salt Lake Valley for this type of project but the weather has been so frigid I thought it would work.

We started on it just over a week ago and finished it up last night. Here is our very own Utah Igloo:

This colorful studio igloo, has no separate bedroom or bath but I hear the neighbors are nice. It is cozy and is will keep you safe from the elements. Hurry it won't last long (literally).

The original igloo was built in Canada by an engineering student who used empty milk cartons to make his bricks. I didn't have time to collect cartons so we used Sterilite containers. I also didn't have time to get a degree in engineering so our igloo is slightly less perfect than his. Here is how we did it:

1. Freeze the bricks. We started out with 20 shoebox sized Sterilite containers, but quickly added 20 more (.98 at Target). We filled the containers with water and a few drops of food coloring and set them in the backyard. It took between 48 and 72 hours for the blocks to freeze completely. We did try a few containers in the freezer but they actually froze faster outside.

(If you decide you must have your own igloo give me a call - you are welcome to our containers!)

2. Mark your igloo site. We used a string attached to a ski pole to get a perfect circle. 

We put our igloo in the front yard because our house is north facing so the front yard is colder than the back. Plus, what is the point of building a super colorful igloo if your neighbors can't drive by and admire it?

3. Start adding bricks. And more bricks. Here is the BIG SECRET to building the igloo: water and snow. For those of you who haven't seen the license plates, Utah has The Greatest Snow on Earth. It is the greatest because it is SUPER dry - you need a bucket of water to get the snow wet enough to make it sticky.

Once the snow gets wets it is like cement and it dries fast so we kept two buckets, one for snow and one for water. We added a little water to the snow for each brick so that we didn't end up with a block of ice in our bucket.

You will notice there are a lot of adults working on this project. It is a cold and icy project, kids lose interest. Keep that in mind before starting your own igloo. We actually had a great time working on it every night but our neighbors did start making fun of us.

And it is done! Come by for a tour!


  1. No way!!! This is amazing. Nailed it.

  2. I shared this with all my Pinterest lovin and facebook friends. You are not an igloo making superstar in my book!!

  3. I meant you ARE an IGLOO making super star...the "not" should have been a "now"...sorry!!

  4. Amazing. Love it. Not cold enough in london to ever do this unfortunately.