Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sushi, Jazz and the Sundance Film Festival

There are three things that make you cool and I don't do any of them. Sushi, jazz and the Sundance Film Festival. I hate sushi and jazz. I know you need to like both of these things to sit at the cool kid table, but alas it will just not happen for me. (I know, you think I just haven't had the "right" sushi. When I worked in San Francisco coworkers would drag me to new sushi places all the time - they had one thing in common: I hated them.)

I do not hate the Sundance Film Festival. I have just never been. I do not drive up to Park City and look for celebrities and I have never seen the next big blockbuster making it's debut at the festival. (Napoleon Dynamite people! It all started at Sundance). It is embarrassing to live so close to the festival and have never been.

One of my clients, Nicole, went a few years ago and she met her dream man: (it turns out John Krasinski has a wife on The Office and a real wife at home. Nicole doesn't have a husband on tv or at home yet, if you know some FABULOUS for her let me know!)
This year, a daughter of one of my other clients met her dream man at Sundance:
It is not too late for me, or all of you. You can still get tickets to the festival. And you don't have to make the trek up Parley's to see a show - there are lots of shows playing in Salt Lake, Ogden and at Sundance.

Here is how to get tickets. Go to the overview of the films here and scroll through until you find a show that looks interesting. On the right side you will see if there are still tickets available for that show, if not, you can be put on the wait list in hopes of making it to the show. You can buy the tickets online until 36 hours before showtime. After that you have to go to a main box office location to get the tickets.

I am committing to go to at least one show. Look for a photo of me and my celebrity crush coming soon. (What show do you think Hugh Jackman is most likely to be at?!?) I will not, however, be going out for sushi before the show.

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