Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Home Staging: Clean Up the Meth Pipes

A couple of weeks ago I was showing homes and my client called out from the bathroom, "What it this?"

I rounded the corner and found this:

It's a homemade meth pipe (I had to Google it, promise). I have to say I was a little amused that nobody had bothered to hide this little gem.

It is a good reminder that a meth test is almost always a good idea when buying a home. This particular home had some red flags but you wouldn't assume it was filled it meth. It was a high end home in a nice neighborhood.

I would especially encourage a meth test in a home that was rental, in any bank owned home and in any home that sat vacant for any amount of time. The test can be ordered at the time of your home inspection and is an additional cost of between $100-150.


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  2. Stop it. Proof that meth will absolutely fry your brain!

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