Thursday, January 30, 2014

Skydiving for Wimps - $25 a Minute

This week was my husband's birthday and I decided to take him to iFly in Ogden to celebrate. iFly is a "vertical wind tunnel" - basically indoor skydiving. iFly is housed in the Solomon Center in Ogden, which also boasts Flowrider (indoor surfing) and iRock (indoor rock climbing). You never need to go outside again. :)

At $49 for two minutes (you read that right - 2 minutes) this is not a cheap date. But if you are looking for something different and SUPER fun this is a great bet. (There is a great Groupon right now. You get an iFly pass, Flowrider pass and iRock pass for only $49. You can find it here.)

Once you arrive at iFly you watch a short training video and then don these awesome flight suits, complete with ear plugs and goggles. (Bring a ponytail holder for your hair and wear shoes that tie on.)
Once you are suited up you head into the wind tunnel room. There is a fence like material over the floor of the wind tunnel to keep you from falling into the actual wind machine and what I can only assume is certain death. This made me nervous but I had already paid $49 for the experience so I stuffed my fears.

Now, some warnings:
1. You are not going to look graceful. Fake skydiving is harder than it looks. You think you will be floating through the air but you spend a lot of time trying to relax so you can actually "fly" without assistance. I had a crazy claw hand the whole time.
2. Your cheeks are going to shake like crazy. It is not a good look. My instructor told me that if you smile your cheeks shake less. He did not tell me you look like a crazy person when you do this.

Here is a short clip of the end of my flight - I am smiling like a champ! After I leave the wind tunnel the instructor goes back in and shows off a bit - it is worth watching.

We really had so much fun doing this. If you want to make a day of it, there is a ton to do in and around the Solomon Center. In addition to rock climbing, skydiving and surfing there is a movie theater and a ton of great restaurants.

We had lunch at the Sonora Grill right across the street from the Solomon Center. BEST SALSA EVER! Have fun!

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