Thursday, February 6, 2014

Salt Lake 2014 - 7 Olympic Events You Can DO This Weekend

The Olympics begin today in Sochi! Because we are lucky enough to live in an Olympic city we have the chance to PARTICIPATE in Olympic events, rather than just watch them on TV. Here are are few activities to bring out your inner Olympian.

1. Learn to curl at the Olympic oval. I have never tried it but I consider this the only Olympic sport that is in the realm of possibility for me.

2. Go ice skating on the "fastest ice" in Olympic history. The Salt Lake Ice Oval is the home to more Olympic and World Record times than any other arena!

3. If you are brave you can go on a bobsled ride down the Olympic bobsled track. Please do not invite me to join you. I am super busy that night.

4. If you want to show your friends that went on the bobsled ride that you are braver than them, you can take a skeleton ride down the Olympic track. It looks terrifying and it is actually called a skeleton ride. I will pass.

5. Ever thought you could compete in the biathalon? Well, you can try it out on the actual Olympic course!

6. Or you can skip the shooting and just get in some get in some cross country skiing on the Olympic tracks at Soldier Hollow.

7. If you or a family member fancy yourself a future Olympian, you can do serious athletic training at the Olympic Park in Park City.

Remember when downtown looked like this?!? How lucky are we?

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