Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tour Tuesday - Pepperwood Estate (and it's for sale!)

Be prepared to be amazed ... the tour today is fabulous. Even better, this house could be yours. It is going on the market in the next few weeks. So check out this tour closely ....

This house belongs to Tamara Miller of Tamara Design and Consulting. Tamara and her family moved here several years ago from the San Francisco Bay Area. When we were looking for a home for them we happened to drive by this house. Tamara immediately knew she would love it. Unfortunately, it wasn't for sale. After a bit of negotiating I convinced the owners (who were renting out the home at the time) that they did want to sell it. Tamara and her family moved in and Tamara began planning a total remodel.

The house sits on just over 1.5 acres in Pepperwood and has gorgeous views of the mountains and almost total privacy. The yard is terraced and truly is a kid's wonderland. This is what the house looked like when we first saw it:

I love how the circular driveway (see that first pic!) opens the house up and creates a barrier from the street.

The inside of the home was lovely but dated, and the house was quite chopped up. There were doors EVERYWHERE. After living in the house for a few years Tamara embarked on a total remodel. Nearly every wall was taken down the studs and Tamara built up a new house from there - including new electrical, plumbing, all new windows and HVAC systems. It is an amazing transformation and now a brand new home with all the character of home that has been lived in and loved.

As you walked into the entry of the house there was a large living room to the right. It was a lovely room but it was long and seemed an odd shape for a living room.

Tamara utilized the existing dining room to expand the kitchen (don't cheat and scroll down but you are going to LOVE it!) and then transformed the living room into the dining room.

The shape of the living room worked perfectly for the room's new purpose.

My favorite room when we first looked at this house was this fabulous family room. It is straight ahead when you come in the front door and is just off the kitchen (but tucked away just enough). The windows are great and the view is incredible.

I liked the room when it looked like the photo above but I LOVE it now. (The Millers don't have a tv in this room but the area above the fireplace is wired for a flat screen).

To the left of the entry was the living room and to the right of the entry was this dining room.

Just behind the dining room was the kitchen. The house is just over 6600 square feet but the kitchen was small and cramped.

Tamara took out the wall and expanded the kitchen into the dining room, which gave her a much bigger kitchen and views out the front and back of the house.

I LOVE the two islands. The large cabinets behind of the fruit bowls open to a baking center. The matching cabinets on the other side of the opening are the fridge. Genius, right?

The countertops and backsplash are carrara marble. There are two dishwashers - one on each side of the sink. I love the idea of two dishwashers, it makes me believe that there would never be dishes in my sink. I think in order for that to actually be true I would need two dishwashers and better trained children :).

The door behind the island leads to the walk in pantry, which may make you cry (with joy):

Off the kitchen was a semi-formal dining area and a very large laundry room. Tamara took out the laundry room and used the space for a semi-formal dining area and keeping room.

There are two staircases to the second story. The back staircase you see above leads to the guest rooms and office. The front staircase leads to the master bedroom. The original master bedroom had a bathtub right next to the fireplace. In the bedroom. With lots of green marble. And lots of brass.

Are you ready for the new room?

Hard to believe it is even the same room, isn't it? Tamara reconfigured the windows and added two new windows to take advantage of the great views.

Tamara also got rid of the bathtub that was in the bedroom. She also got rid of the green marble tile and replaced it with this fabulous bathroom:

I want to live in this room. The floors are heated and no, that isn't wallpaper - it is hand painted by the homeowner.

There are a total of four bedrooms upstairs. The master bedroom and the bedroom below are in the main wing of the house.

The third bedroom, guest bedroom, guest bath and office are in the wing of the house over the garage. You can access that wing by going through the laundry room or take the back steps up from the keeping room off the kitchen.

Look at the floor in that laundry room. Tile laid in a chevron pattern. I am copying it in my master bathroom - it is perfect. As you walk through the laundry room you step down into this gorgeous bedroom.

The bedroom opens into the hallway and the other wing of the house.

Here is glimpse of this office before the transformation. Tamara wanted to utilize the custom built bookcases and desk but she reconfigured it all and added a fresh coat of paint.

Before she started on the main floors of the house Tamara gutted and rebuilt the basement. She then moved into the basement with her 5 kids while the work was completed on the rest of the house. It is now home to her four boys.

With four boys sharing this bathroom Tamara knew she wanted two sinks and two showers - brilliant!

I love this home and the vision it took to see what this house could become. If you or someone you know are interested it is available - let me know!

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