Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tour Tuesday: Everyone Needs A Racquetball Court

When my clients built a new home in Heber they decided that they wanted an indoor court under the garage. Winters are longer in Heber and they figured that it would get a lot of use during the cold months. Indoor basketball courts are not that unusual, and Ivory Homes, who built this home, has done plenty of them. However, the courts Ivory usually builds are smaller than a racquetball court, and my clients play racquetball, not basketball.

Ivory was game (ha!) and figured out how to put a regulation 20x40x20 racquetball court under the garage. The basketball hoop slides into a bracket on the wall and you just slide it out when you are ready to play racquetball. It seems like an extravagance right? A tiny bit over the top? It does. Until you walk into the racquetball court. Then you think: Yes. Everybody should be doing this. Everybody should have a giant court in their basement. I. NEED. A. RACQUETBALL COURT. 

The possibilities are endless. Basketball games. Racquetball games. Sleepovers. Movie Nights. Bowling. Wallyball. Trapeze Arts. My kids are in my basement right now with shovels and sand buckets, chipping out my foundation and digging us an underground racquetball court. You're invited to come use it in 2020.

The rest of the house is just as amazing as the racquetball court.

I am obsessed with the floors in this house. They are laminate! My client and I saw them in one of Ivory's high end models and we were shocked when were told they were laminate. This is not your Pergo of old people - this stuff is amazing. I have added pulling out my oak floors and putting these in onto my list of future home improvements.

These floors are Chesnut Hill by Mannington. You can get them for under $3/square foot (!) from some vendors online. They look like wood but they don't scratch or dent. My clients say they seem indestructible!

I love the bead board on the ceilings in the family room. In the original Ivory plan this family room has a two story vault. My clients wanted the cozier feel of a lower ceiling and they also wanted a loft upstairs. Ivory closed it in and it looks great. Props to our Ivory reps - they really worked to customize this house to fit my clients exact needs.

Ok, can we talk about the furniture?!? I love this seating arrangement. The design is by Harman Wilde, who also did the design on my client's super cool mid-century modern home. I would never have thought to put all these pieces (and all these patterns!) in this room but it looks fabulous. It feels special but totally livable. Jason and Sue at Harman Wilde are geniuses! Wait until you see the furniture in the loft!

In case you're wondering, they picked out that darling chair BEFORE "What Does the Fox Say" was permanently etched into all of our brains. They are so on trend! :)

If anything every happens to this family I am driving to their house to steal this couch - it really is my favorite couch of all time.

When summer hits I am going to show you the yard at this house but just to give you something to look forward to here is the view off the back deck (I know, it makes you have a sudden urge to move to Heber!):

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