Friday, March 7, 2014

Golden Rules of Showing Your Home

I have had a lot of interesting house showing experiences. I once had a homeowner come out naked  (hence the name of this blog), I have been attacked (ok, it was a perceived, rather than actual attack) by a ferret and I have seen more than my share of rooms I like to refer to as places where they hide the dead bodies.

Once your home is listed there are few key things you can do to help your home sell quickly. These are my Golden Rules:

1. Say Yes. It is incredibly inconvenient to have your home listed but the more often you can say yes to a showing the more showings you will have. The more showings you have the more likely you are to have your buyer see your house. This is my number one rule for getting your house sold quickly!

2. Leave. There is nothing worse than getting to a showing and finding that the homeowners are there. It makes buyers very uncomfortable. They feel like they can't really look around and they definitely can't discuss what they like and dislike about the house. On average my buyers spend at least 15 minutes looking at a home on their first visit. When the homeowners are there that goes down to less than 3 minutes.

3. Keep it Clean. This might be worse than having to say yes to strangers walking through your house. I know it is almost impossible to keep a house looking good everyday, especially with children. Do your best and remember it needs to be clean, not perfect.

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