Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tour Tuesday - Remodelers Roundup

Today's tour is a little bit of a cheat. Rather than a tour of one of my client's homes, or the rock home of a total stranger, it is a round up of my favorite online remodelers. There are A LOT of bad DIY remodels out there. I can't tell you how many times I have walked into a house and thought, "I wish they would have just left it." It is way harder to fix a bad remodel than to start from scratch.

These bloggers do a good job of walking you through how to do things right, telling you when to call a professional and when to just leave things be, all on a budget.

The Yellow Cape Cod is my favorite remodel blog. I only wish that Sarah (the designer behind the Yellow Cape Cod) would move. That way she could start over with a new house so I could see what she would do next.

The room makeovers section of her blog is my favorite. She does a lot of great things with paint and simple upgrades like this laundry room:

And she is great at styling a room using existing furniture, which is really helpful when are getting ready to sell.

But she really kills it in the room makeovers. I copied these two rooms for my own kids.

The best part is she gives you step by step instructions on how to complete the rooms. I wish all home sellers would read her blog before listing their house.

Young House Love is another favorite remodel blog. This young couple has bought and remodeled two homes and they are working on their third home. I started following them a few years ago - they now have a book and a line of home decor at Target!

Start here and you can tour all three of their houses. They do some huge projects like this kitchen:

And a lot of smaller projects like this entry:

Best of all they show you projects "in progress". They move pretty quickly to make their house livable but then they keep working on each room to get it exactly where they want it. They also share their remodeling to do list. It is almost as much fun to watch them cross items off their list as it is to cross items off your own.

Enjoy these great blogs - I would love to hear if you have a favorite!

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