Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tour Tuesday - This House Rocks!

We spent a long weekend in Moab and as we were driving through Kane Creek Canyon we passed this crazy little house. The house comes out about 8 feet from the rock wall and the rest of the house is actually in the rock. There is even a sweet little one car "garage" - made of solid rock.

On our way back down the canyon I stopped and asked if could see the house. Ross, the lovely gentleman who rents the house was happy to give me and two of my kids the grand tour.

First Ross showed us the cave behind the "garage'. There was a huge carpet hanging in front of the car, and behind that was a giant cavern. Ross told us the cavern was originally created to house chickens. That seemed like a lot of rock to blast for some chickens, but Ross explained that the temperature in the cavern was a consistent 45-50 degrees. So the chickens never got too cold or too hot.

Now the cavern is more of a giant storage room. (Yes, I  did worry that I was in a dark cavern with two of my kids, a total stranger and a bunch of deadly farm tools. I ran all the worse case scenarios - but my husband and one of my older sons was a few minutes behind us on dirt bikes and I figured they would see our car and stop to save us.)

In the photo above, Ross is standing next to the back door that goes from the cavern into his house. Ross says the house was originally the "egg house" where they would check to see whether or not the eggs were fertilized before selling them.

The inside of the house is rustic but totally functional with a full kitchen and bathroom. But this is a case where location, location, location really comes into play. This is the view of the Pot Ash Cliffs out of Ross' front yard:

Charlie, the man who owns Ross' home, owns 700 acres around the house. At the foot of these cliffs is the Colorado River. There is a sandy "beach" in this area and it is private, available only to those who rent from Charlie.

If that view isn't enough, the house also houses some important history. On the wall next to the garage are Native American petroglyphys:

And on the other side of the house is a rock formation where you can still see where Native Americans carved hand holds in the rock to climb so they could climb to the top.

So, if you are ever driving through Kane Creek Canyon (and you should - it is beautiful), stop and say hello to Ross and take a little tour.


  1. I find this very cool and interesting. I love how you just went up and asked to see it. In some wierd way I kind of want to live in it.

    1. I agree! I was mentally remodeling the house the whole time I was there. It felt like a nice, simple life.
      But I would miss Target :)